A women in her child bearing age suffering with irregular periods, unexplained weight gain, unwanted hair growth or Infertility may be suffering from PCOS.

What is PCOS?

PCOS means Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a rather common endocrine disorder which is seen among women in reproductive age. It is also called as Stein-Leventhal syndrome or hyper androgenic anovulation.

Though there are different factors that lead to this syndrome many forms of research has testified that it can be a genetic disease.

Polycystic primarily means ‘many cysts’ and cysts are filled with fluid and immature eggs.

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How Common is PCOS?

PCOS is common and effects 10 to 15% of women in child bearing age.

What are the Causes of PCOS?

PCOS is usually caused due to the hormonal imbalance in women, which occurs in the pituitary gland and the ovaries. One hormone in particular known as Luteinizing (LH) and the other is Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and when they are produced by the pituitary gland in high quantities, it leads to PCOS. If male sex hormone called as testosterone is produced in high amount it can also lead to PCOS. This is one condition which tends to run in families.

Mechanism Of PCOS:

Though the precise mechanism is yet to be verified or discovered, a series of studies have revealed that when the female fetus gets exposed to the hyperandrogenism milieu in the uterus, it tends to cause a disturbance to the epigenetic reprogramming in the reproductive tissue. When that epigenetic abnormality fails to get erased it leads to the inheritance of PCOS. Research is still on the molecules which affect the steroidogenesis and glucose metabolism. Few other experts believe it could also be due to the fault phosphorylation, which occurs in the insulin receptor.

What Are the symptoms of PCOS?

In a nutshell, PCOS tends to cause irregular menstrual cycles and sometimes irregular bleeding, excessive hair on face and body. You would also notice an excessive loss of hair on the scalp, but there is unusual hair growth in areas such as hands, chest, face, stomach, back and toes. This is called as Hirsutism. You also start to have acne problems along with an oily skin. The most important symptom would be conceive problems or repeated miscarriages. Sometimes you would also go through upper body obesity or skin tags. While sleeping, you tend to have difficulty breathing. There are also times when you have a series of mood swings or depression.

What are the signs of PCOS?

While symptoms are something women experience, the signs are something which is obvious on the body. Those who are suffering from PCOS tend to have lumps or rashes on the skin. There are times when you would have dark patches of skin behind the neck and also in few other parts of the body. It has been revealed that Asians women who are affected by PCOS tend to have less chances of developing Hirsutism.

Complications of PCOS:

Those women who are affected by PCOS tend to experience certain complications and notable among them are abnormal bleeding from the uterus. Women with chronic untreated PCOS are also prone to Endometrial cancer which is commonly known as the cancer, which occurs on the lining of the uterus. There will also be abnormalities in terms of cholesterol and lipid quotient. A protein known as C-reactive protein tends to form in large quantities and this leads to cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension or high BP is another risk. Women tend to suffer from something called sleep apnea. The other risk is Type 2 diabetes. If you are pregnant then there is a high chance of having Gestational diabetes.

Homeopathy Treatment for PCOS:

Most of the women tend to press the panic button fearing the PCOS but homeopathy is the apt treatment for this syndrome. Deciding which Homeopathic Treatment is suitable depends on the extent of the problem and also the physiological health of a woman because homeopathy is a holistic control and there are other factors of a woman’s health that has to be taken into consideration for an effective and long lasting control. It should also open the possibility of becoming fertile in the future for a women to bear progeny and experience maternal bliss once the condition is addressed effectively through homeopathy.

PCOS Treatment at Homeocare International:

Homeocare International has a experience of treating large number of women suffering with pcos and controling it in a natural way, there by regularising the menses ( periods), reduction in hirsutism (unwanted hair) and increases the chances of conceiving.

People feedback shows that there is a significant reduction in the necessity of Laproscopic treatment and hormone therapy in women taking PCOS Treatment in Homeopathy at Homeocare International.
Homeopathy Treatment is strongly recommended to all women suffering with PCOS & even before undergoing painfull procedure to treat PCOS.

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