If I’m able to bring back happiness into a family, I feel myself to be the most successful person!


My medical profession started with the passion to make lives. Throughout my initial days of practice I’ve felt immense satisfaction deep in my heart for choosing the profession of a physician. Years passing by, the urge in me to serve broader section of the society grew stronger.

I strongly felt I can make greater impact on people’s health and lives by founding an institution than being a singular physician. Homeocare International is born out of this intense commitment to help the people, much good!

As they say, fortune favours the ready! I feel very fortunate to have a solid team to back up and support my vision – a solid team of expert homeopathy doctors and dedicated support staff. It’s only because of them. I could realize my dream of impacting millions of lives… successfully! Homeocare International now is not just an institution but a proven phenomenon that proved having good health is as simple as popping in a ‘sweet pill’ without the panic of side effects.

Looking back, my three decades of the journey after establishing Homeocare International will be one my life’s most cherished memories. And with this success as a fuel, Homeocare International is growing, ramifying into neighbouring states and proving ‘relieving from disease is all about choosing the right treatment’.

Thanking you all for this magnanimous support throughout my journey. I repeat that I’ll strive much harder to bring health and happiness into as many lives as I can!

With Regards,
Dr.Srikant Morlawar
Chairman and Managing Director
Homeocare International Ltd.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person