Confronting severe pain in one of your Elbows? Is your pain restricting you from doing activities like lifting things, gripping and others? Then this pain and discomfort are referred to as Tennis Elbow. This is a condition commonly raised due to over usage of the wrist, arm and Elbow. As the name suggests, Tennis Elbow is mostly seen in tennis players and other sports players due to repetitive muscle usage. Other than sports persons, people whose job’s features repetitive motions like, plumbers, painters, carpenters and butchers are also at an increased risk of developing Tennis Elbow. For all those suffering from Tennis Elbow, here is the best and most safe solution i.e. homeopathy. Homeopathy can efficiently control the pain and stiffness in your elbow.

Let us in detail discuss about Tennis Elbow, its causes, symptoms and how homeopathy controls it effectively.

What is this Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow also referred to as Lateral Epicondylitis is a painful musculoskeletal condition involving tendons in your elbow. Tendons are the connective tissues that attach the forearm muscles to the outside of the muscle. Due to repetitive actions and over usage people face tiny tear in tendons, the tendons and muscles in your elbow become damaged, due to which people experience severe pain and stiffness in the elbow. Most of the cases Tennis Elbow is seen in dominant arm and in very rare cases it can be seen in both the hands.

Causative factors of Tennis Elbow

Repetitive usage of the arm is considered to be the major cause of Tennis Elbow. Along with over usage, few other factors that can trigger Tennis Elbow include

  • Age (adults between ages 30 to 50 years)
  • Certain occupations which involve repetitive motion like plumbers, painters, carpenters and butchers.
  • Certain sports (Tennis, Violin players, discus and others)
  • Sudden jerk or contraction of the muscle in the arm
  • Elbow injury

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

The major symptom of Tennis Elbow involves pain and stiffness in your elbow. This pain may also radiate from outside of the elbow to your wrist and forearm. The pain may make it difficult for you to perform regular and common tasks like lifting and bending your hand, holding an object tightly, shaking hands and others.

Homeopathy treatment for Tennis Elbow

Homeopathy treatment for Tennis Elbow is highly suggestible, it can effectively control pain and stiffness in your elbow without using any painful invasive procedures. Homeocare International offers superior Homeopathy treatment for Tennis Elbow using natural and constitutional remedies. Along with treatment our professional Homeopaths also suggest few exercises to get quick relief from pain.

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