Homeocare International Clinic Grand Opening in Bijapur Karnataka

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We are immensely glad to announce that Homeocare International is now successfully opening its clinic at (Vijaypur) Bijapur , Karnataka, in the presence of our Chairman and Managing Director Dr.Srikant Morlawar garu.

Homeocare International is the leading homeopathic hospital in India, with decades of rich experience in offering world class homeopathy services along with over 300+ passionate Homeopaths. With a divine aim to see a healthy world, Homeocare International is steadily extending its services with new branch launch at Bijapur, Karnataka. We are proud to inform you that HCI is expanding its scope and serving people across South India, in states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Puducherry with a 99% success rate.

Dr.Srikant Morlawar garu, the Chairman and Managing Director of Homeocare International, is a well known personality in the field of homeopathy with over 3 decades of rich experience. He, with a great passion to make lives and to serve people established Homeocare International and with his amazing leadership skills assisted it to become world class homeopathy. He has successfully treated many chronic disorders and also developed several new techniques and formulae in homeopathy by combining his experience and excellence. For his magnificent efforts and achievements, he is honoured with many awards like “Dhanvanthari”, “Sushrut” and “Best Homeopathic Doctor”. He is even associated with several charitable institutions and plays an active role in different social and service oriented programmes.

We at HCI, as pioneers of homeopathy treatment strive to bring health and happiness into many lives by offering world class homeopathy treatment along with other new upgrading techniques like genetic constitutional homeopathy treatment, hormone cell etc. We at Homeocare International treat several chronic disorders like Thyroid, Infertility, Diabetes, Arthritis, Psoriasis and many others with great efficacy and success.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person