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Importance of Kidney’s

one of the most important organs in our body are Kidneys. They just not only produce urine from unwanted substances of metabolism but also do many vital functions in our body, which we are not aware of. Abnormal kidney functioning or kidney failure affects the functioning of other vital organs like heart, brain and others.

Kidney’s helps in maintaining the level of hemoglobin in our body fluid

Every organ in our body gets oxygen by a protein called Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is carried by erythrocytes (RBC’s) and these erythrocytes are produced by the bone marrow. The fact which we are not aware of is that the kidneys stimulate bone marrow to produce these erythrocytes (RBC’s). Our kidneys are also capable of detecting oxygen levels in erythrocytes (RBC’s), when the oxygen level drops down or decreases, our kidneys produce erythropoietin hormone which by reaching the bone marrow stimulates it to produce more erythrocytes (RBC’s). This whole process works normally that an individual may not feel any change or discomfort.

Importance of Kidneys

These above facts are also practically proven, people who have kidney failure problems commonly face low hemoglobin levels. It also leads to several other problems like fatigue, weakness, paleness, breathing problems and so on. In few people kidney disorders or kidney failure is diagnosed when they are diagnosed for low hemoglobin problems. People who face kidney failures can take erythropoietin injections which helps them in maintaining hemoglobin levels. In earlier days when these erythropoietin injections were not invented, people who have kidney failure has to undergo transfusions to maintain hemoglobin levels. In earlier days many people with kidney failure used to get transfusions whereas with the help of these erythropoietin injections the number has come down.

We should thank our kidneys for their support when we see our hemoglobin reports normal.