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Looking for permanent cure from Spondylitis? Approach Homeocare International specialists

Now-a-days, due to changes in lifestyle, individuals are experiencing extra strain on their neck. The lifting and carrying of heavy weights on neck, head and shoulders leads to this chronic neck pain. This problem is also caused in almost all individuals irrespective of their age, due to the constant and steady work on computers, frequent travelling on two wheelers and holding neck in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time.

In our human body, of all joints the spine is vital and its structure is complex. It protects the spinal cord that comes from the brain and works as a cornerstone for the neck.

Spondylitis means degenerative arthritis. This disease is majorly seen in individuals over 40 years of age. The degenerative changes in the tissues around the cartilage present in the spine may lead to this problem. An extra strain on nerves present in the center of spine will be caused because of swelling and inflammation of disk existing between two beads of spine. This is called as cervical spondylitis. This may arise in any part of the spine. But, it mainly arises near to the neck and that’s what it is called as cervical spondylitis.


Spine injuries, lifting heavy weights, not-following driving rules and driving constantly results in extra strain on spine and leads to cervical spondylitis. This problem also often develops as the individual’s spinal disks depreciates and become dry as well as begin shrinking around the time and also results in fewer types of auto immune diseases, as they get older. In recent times, spondylitis problem is also seen in younger individuals due to steady sitting and constant working on computers.

The symptoms of can be easily identified based on the strain on spine. Below are the some of the symptoms of spondylitis:

  • Severe pain near neck
  • Muscle spasms in the neck
  • A stiff neck that becomes worse
  • Start of pain from neck and gradually spreads to shoulders, chest and hands.
  • Cramps on hands
  • Headache
  • Inability to fully turn the head or bend the neck
  • Weakness in muscles of hands
  • Loss of sensation in hands and shoulders
  • Mental stress
  • Muscle spasms
  • Vomiting and
  • Dizziness

Confirmation tests
X-Ray, cervical sign, M.R.I., E.S.R. are some of the tests that confirms cervical spondylitis

Homeocare International Treatment
At Homeocare International, with the genetic constitutional treatment method, not only neck pain is cured, but also spine will be strengthened, in order to avoid the further cause of disease and cures the spondylitis problem completely.

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