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Gout Arthritis Treatment at Homeocare International

Joints plays very important role in each and every activity of our body. Any pain in our joints or discomfort will disturb our daily activities and works. Individuals wake up with severe pain, burning sensation and swelling in leg thumb finger and any further leg movement can lead to severe pain in the leg. People face these situations mainly due to Gout problems.
Cases with Gout problem are increasing steadily, it is estimated that 45 people among every 1000 members are facing this problem. Men are at three times increased risk of developing Gout problems than women.

We all contain certain range of Uric acid in our body fluids. Excess uric acid in body fluids leads to health issues. This excess uric acid in body fluids forms as hard crystals in our joints. When this uric acid is settled in joints, it leads to swelling, pain and makes it difficult to move. This situation is called as Gout or Gout arthritis.

Homeopathic Treatment for Gout Arthritis

Causes of Gout problems

When people eat purine rich foods like liver, meat, mushrooms, sweet bread and also excess consumption of alcohol lead to high production of uric acid. This high level of uric acid leads to Gout diseases.
Few other causes like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity can also lead to Gout.

Signs and symptoms of Gout

Symptoms of Gout vary depending on the severity of the problem. Gout is mainly seen in leg thumb finger. Individuals face severe pain, swelling, burning sensation, tenderness and joint redness in the mornings or at nights. All the above are the main symptoms found in people with Gout. Though in the early stages Gout is only limited to one or two joints, if ignored or left untreated it becomes chronic and spread to other joints. It can also damage the joints. It is very important to take necessary treatment and precautions, with the help of treatment and precautions one can protect joints from damage.


We cannot say that an individual has Gout if his uric acid levels are high. Along with high uric acids, if an individual has symptoms of joint arthritis then he is said to have Gout. Individuals can also have high uric acid levels in the body in different conditions like psoriatic arthritis, leukaemia , kidney failure and so on. Few tests like X-Ray (to find swelling) and body fluid tests (to know about the uric acid levels and ESR levels) help to detect the Gout. A joint fluid analysis also helps in detecting Gout disease.

Food or Diet tips

People suffering with Gout should avoid protein foods especially high purine diet. Proteins are of two types namely purines and pyrimidines. People with Gout problems should avoid high purine foods. In non vegetarian people should avoid consuming meat, beef etc, along with other parts like liver, kidney, bones and etc, where as vegetarians should avoid intake of different foods like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, different varieties of beans, mushrooms and so on. People with Gout should stay away from alcohol consumption and other unhealthy habits.

Gout treatment at Homeocare International

Homeocare International provides a special and efficient treatment to treat and eliminate Gout disease. According to this method treatment is offered after careful observation of individuals physical and psychological aspects. The treatment also focuses on eliminating the formation of hard uric acid crystals in joints and also eliminates Gout disease by maintaining the acid levels in body fluids.