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Know the Risk Factors of Obesity & Control with Homeopathy

What causes Obesity and over weight?

Obesity” is a condition in which body accumulates fat in amounts greater than that of what is required for a healthy body mechanism. A person undergoing this medical condition is referred as ‘Obese’.



This condition causes negative effects sometimes severe and intolerable.

Obesity is measured using a standard mechanism known as BMI(Body-Mass Index), which is the ratio of a person’s Weight(in Kg.) to the square of his Height(in Meters).
BMI = m/h^2 (Kg/m^2).

There is a slight difference between overweight and obese, i.e., if the BMI is in the range of 25-30 (kg/m^2) it is overweight and when it exceeds 30(kg/m^2) it is Obese.
World health Organization classified in the year 1997 defined this condition based on the BMI index or even via waist-hip ratio.

There are several factors contributing to Obesity which are classified under Nutritional, Hormonal, Dietary, Genetic conditions out of which a few commonly observed are Excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, and also genetic disorders, lack of proper nutrition.

Risk factors of Obesity include, Heart attacks, Type 2 diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Excessive sleep apnea, Spinal problems, Inflammation of Varicose veins, Increase in blood pressure, etc.,.
Obesity can be treated provided the person follows certain dietary regulations and this is proven well under Homeopathy treatment.

How should Obesity be diagnosed and assessed with Homeopathy?

Natural solution for Obesity is medically proven using Homeopathy treatments. Homeopathy treatments reduce the metabolic load which is seen in people with Obesity. There are around 100 medically proven medications under Homeopathy treatment.

These regulate the entire metabolic activity of the person as he/she should also maintain the prescribed diet by the Homeopathy Doctors.
There are several other Homeopathy treatments other than the above mentioned as it varies with respect to the disorders related to Obesity to the respective patient. As the medications are prescribed keeping in mind the complete medical history of the patient after prognosis.

Homeopathy brings the safe, cheap, effective medication to every individual suffering from the complications of Obesity.

Regular intake of nutritional food, avoiding junk food, having regular exercise, (yoga), maintaining proper sleep intervals can prevent the factors causing Obesity.

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