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Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetes is a chronic disease commonly seen in many people in India. There are approximately 422 million diabetic cases worldwide and India with more number of diabetic people stands in the top 3 counties with high diabetic population. Diabetes people life expectancy is reduced up to 5 years and approximately 75% of people die because of macro vascular illnesses. Most common health issue seen in people with diabetes is foot problems, approximately 10% of them face diabetic foot ulcers at some or other time of their lifespan.

Diabetic people are at an increased risk of developing foot problems, may be due to poor circulation in legs i.e. peripheral arterial disease or may be due to nerve damage i.e. neuropathy or may be due to both the conditions. 1 among 3 people above age 50 with diabetes are getting affected with peripheral arterial disease. Peripheral arterial disease also increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and heart stoke in diabetes people.

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer

In people with diabetes an injury to the skin or tissue in leg below the ankle is treated as foot ulcer. Diabetes mostly leads to limb amputation, more than 80% of amputation cases are due to diabetic foot ulcers. When compared with non diabetic people, people with diabetes are double at the risk of undergoing second amputation after the first one. Diabetic foot ulcer and amputation increase the risk of mortality, where after having an amputation within 5 years 70% of people die and after developing diabetic foot ulcer approximately 50% of people die within 5 years. It is very important to control and manage diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, as they both are believed to increase the risk of mortality.

Avoiding foot ulcers is very important as it is very difficult to handle them once they are formed. First ulcer increases the risk of developing more ulcers. In few cases the ulcers get infected and may also lead to death if it is not treated properly. Diabetic foot ulcers increase the risk and are also treated as most common cause of knee amputations.


Prevention is the ideal way to treat diabetic foot ulcers in the first stage by taking care of symptoms

  • Keen observation of feet is very important for early detection of any red spots as they are the basic signs of foot ulcers. Cutting nails is also very important to avoid complications.
  • Wearing perfect footwear is also essential to avoid injuries. The footwear should be soft inside, hard outside and also should have adjustable straps.
  • Knowledge about their feet is very essential, it helps in early detection of abnormalities like injuries, cuts and ulcers.
  • Diabetic people should avoid walking bare foot to eliminate injuries.
  • Appropriate dressing is very important to eliminate foot ulcers and avoid infections, these dressings helps in covering and cleaning the injuries.
  • It is very important to take rest to get healed quickly. Resting reduces pressure on foot and avoids further complications.
  • Controlling smoking, alcohol consumption, high cholesterol levels, controlling glucose levels is very important to manage diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Any abnormalities noticed should be discussed with your homeopath and necessary prescriptions should be taken.

Taking necessary precautionary steps and preventive measures helps in eliminating diabetic foot ulcers. Consulting your homeopath regularly is very important. Homeocare International provides Homeopathy treatment for diabetes foot ulcers, to control glucose levels, treating infections, controlling pressures and other complications.