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Know how to cure allergy naturally without any side effects at Homeocare International

Sudden persistent sneezing, cold, watery or itchy eyes, runny nose, slight swell on face, itching on skin, hives, itchy throat, difficulty in breathing, suffocation, asthma, are some of the symptoms of allergy. Allergy is nothing but an inappropriate reaction, affected to the individual’s immune system. For instance, pollen, dust, fur, and some food items like milk, eggs, soya, fish, few medicines like antibiotics, B.P. medicines, changes in climatic conditions, and so on may results in contrast with regular conditions and causes reaction called as allergy. Allergy damages immune response by the body to a substance, specially a particular food. A substance that causes allergy is called as Allergen and the way body responds to an “invader” is called allergic reaction. Our white blood cells conflict with various germs present in air, water and food that we in-take in order to keep us fit and healthy. In some individuals, by mistake if these white blood cells which signifies body immunity, shows a sensitive response towards other harmless substances then that process is called as hypersensitivity or allergy.


Types of Allergy diseases

Respiratory Allergy:

Due to the presence of dust, pollen, sneezing once or twice is common. But, allergy sufferers’ sneezes persistently, runny nose, and sometimes watering eyes, may also be seen. This condition is called as Allergic Rhinitis and if it is ignored, then patient may suffer from problems such as runny nose, stuffy nose, difficulty in breathing, itchy nose, coughing, pain inside the face, headache and so on. Increase in these problems is called as Allergic sinusitis. On the other hand, persistently if Allergic sinusitis disease reaches to respiratory tubes, and spreads to lungs, then it results in onset of dry cough and thereafter turns to Phlegm cough. Then, that disease is only entitled as allergic bronchitis. The blend of allergic bronchitis disease with fatigue and wheezing is called know as allergic asthma.

Skin Allergy:
Skin affects with various allergic substances. Due to some medicines consumption, infection, and in-take of few food items or by sensing some allergic substances, few individuals suffer from itching, hives, and red itchy rashes these symptoms are also arises to Psoriasis Disorder. These symptoms can be seen from few minutes to few hours and thereafter get minimized completely. But, sometimes there is a possibility that these symptoms many become harmful or dangerous.

Stomach Allergy
Due to the intolerance and reaction with some food times, stomach allergy may cause. Its symptoms are Weakness, Nausea, Constipation, and sometimes patient may also suffer from vomiting and Diarrhea.

Confirmation Tests
Individuals who are persistently suffering from allergy must consult the doctor immediately. Blood test (CBP, WBC, IgE Antibodies, AEC), patch test, skin prick test, X-RAY-PNS, CT SCAN-PNS, PFT tests are some of the confirmation tests for allergy disease.

Homeocare International Treatment
At Homeocare International, using genetic constitutional treatment distorted immunity can be regained and different types of allergy diseases can be cured completely. With Homeocare International Treatment, immunity is not only regained, but also the body’s immunity system can be boosted so that, aforesaid allergy substances can’t affect the individual health. Thus, one can remain health in varied conditions or situations.

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