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When Gestational Diabetes effect?

Gestational diabetes is a situation where some women when conceived tend to develop high sugar levels which disappear after giving birth. Gestational diabetes is also referred as Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). This condition arises if your body cannot produce enough insulin to control sugar levels or glucose levels in your body. In conceived women placenta make hormones that lead to increase sugar levels, soon after delivery sugar levels tends to normal in gestational diabetes. Women who had gestational diabetes are at high risk of developing diabetes in future. Causes of developing gestational diabetes may be overweight, genetics, age, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), if they have gestational diabetes during last baby. Women may not have symptoms in gestational diabetes, some may face problems like dry mouth, frequent urination and tired feeling.

  • Is Gestational diabetes long lasting?

Gestational diabetes is not long lasting, in most of the women glucose levels or sugar levels return to normal soon after giving birth to the baby. Glucose levels or sugar levels are tested once again after birth. It is important to maintain weight, healthy diet and to have regular physical exercise to reduce the risk of developing diabetes in future. If women face gestational diabetes with her first baby, she is at a high risk of developing gestational diabetes when she conceives again. Proper treatment is very important for gestational diabetes, if it is not treated properly or left untreated it will have complications on your baby or may affect long term health condition of your baby. Gestational diabetes affects your baby, they may have certain complications like low sugar levels, low mineral levels, pre birth, jaundice, grow larger than normal size and temporary breathing problems. They may be at high risk of developing diabetes and obesity in future. In gestational diabetes women may increase their chance of caesarean section or c-section to give birth as your baby may be large in size.

  • Steps to follow during Gestational Diabetes

Women need to take care about their health and follow few tips to keep their glucose levels in control. Women can keep their glucose levels in control by healthy diet, physical activity, insulin shots and by regularly monitoring glucose levels. Effective management will reduce the risk of problems in gestational diabetes. Healthy eating plans help to keep glucose levels in control. Regular exercise or physical exercise keeps you sugar levels normal. With regular checking and monitoring glucose levels women can know about their levels and their situations to control them

  • Homeopathy treatment for gestational diabetes

Homeopathy treatment for gestational diabetes is a holistic treatment and shows positive results. Gestational Diabetes Treatment in homeopathy helps women to control their glucose levels and complications. Homeopathy treatment is safe to use and has no side effects on mother and child as the remedies used in homeopathy are made of substances from plants, vegetables and natural substances. Gestational treatment in homeopathy not only focuses on glucose levels but also treats person as a whole. Homeopathy treatment for gestational diabetes is very useful in treating and to protect mother and Childs health.

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