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Hepatitis is one of the major health diseases across the world. Nearly, 400 million individuals are suffering from Hepatitis disease. Of which, nearly 1.4 million people are dying every year. With an intention to raise global awareness of hepatitis throughout the world, every year, World Health Organization celebrates 28 July as World’s Hepatitis Day. Liver is the largest gland present in our body. This will be used to digest the food, maintain stamina and to discrete the waste material from the body. The inflammation of the liver is known as hepatitis. Microorganisms such as bacteria & virus and intake of few medicines are some of the causes of hepatitis. In these, the cause of hepatitis through virus is called as viral hepatitis. This viral hepatitis is witnessed in different types. Based on the symptoms of this disease, this can be classified into various types like Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F. Among these Hepatitis A, B, C diseases shows a major impact on individual’s health and it may also lead to death.

Hepatitis A:
Hepatitis A is most commonly seen jaundice disease. The virus present in patients’ blood blends with water and food we intake and get polluted and spreads from one individual to other individual. In the countries where hepatitis is prevalent, even healthy tourists are suffering from this disease, due to the contact with Hepatitis victims and intercourse. There is a possibility that this disease will also spread by using unsafe syringes or needles. In most of the cases this type of hepatitis may not cause any major harm to the patient, however in some cases it may damage patients liver functioning.

Hepatitis B:
Hepatitis B infection is caused by Hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B and C diseases are chronic or long-term health diseases that sustains in the patients for a long time. Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen or other body fluid is injected from Hepatitis B patient to a health individual or a person who is not infected with Hepatitis. This disease spreads to healthy individuals, due to unsafe intercourse or by using infected needles or syringes. If doctors, nurses or other hospital staff working in hospitals, do not follow safety measures, then Hepatitis B spreads due to blood or other secretions.

Disease causing germs also spreads while sharing razor blades or toothbrushes of Hepatitis B infected person. It can spread from the mother to her child during the birth. The entry of Hepatitis B virus into body, increases its count drastically to lakhs and starts causing damage to liver. Following which, this virus existence can be seen in blood, Semen, saliva, and other body fluids.

Hepatitis C:
Hepatitis C infection is caused by Hepatitis C virus. This is a chronic lethal disease. It spreads due to the transfusion of infected blood to healthy or non-infected person or by sharing needles among injection drug users, re-use of contaminated syringes and needles, unprotected sexual contact, making tattoo with devices containing disease causing germs, sharing razor blades or toothbrushes of Hepatitis B infected person. The symptoms of hepatitis C can’t be noticed for many days. This may result to liver cirrhosis.

The following are the some of the symptoms of Hepatitis:

  • Jaundice
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness and fatigue

Confirmation Tests
Hepatitis disease can be confirmed with the tests such as Blood test-HBsAg, HBe Ag, DNA viral load, SGPT, LFT and Ultra sound abdomen.

Homeocare International Treatment
With the help of Homeopathy Treatment, it has proved that various viral infections can be cured effectively. Homeopathy medicines works on immunity and cures hepatitis without any side effects and improves patient’s health conditions. These medicines controls hepatitis disease. At Homeocare International, best results are seen for curing hepatitis disease. Nearly in 70% of patient’s viral load is minimized at Homeocare International.

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