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Control those white patches of Vitiligo with Constitutional Homeopathy

Control those white patches of Vitiligo (Leucoderma) with Constitutional Homeopathy

Struggling with unsightly white spots on skin? Worried about spreading of those white patches all over your body? Then, here is great news. You can treat those unpleasant vitiligo spots effectively with Homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment for vitiligo is highly recommended, as it does not just aim to control the spreading of white patches to other areas of the body, but also lightens the patch color by enhancing natural melanocytes formation in long run. Milder cases of Vitiligo can be controlled excellently with Homeopathy treatment, whereas in moderate to severe cases, it works gradually and people can even expect partial color formation. Homeocare International offers constitutional homeopathy for vitiligo and controls it by stimulating the formation and functioning of melanocytes. Expert Homeopaths at Homeocare International prescribe most effective and suitable remedies following a personalized approach. These Homeopathic remedies for Vitiligo (Leucoderma) work by correcting the roots of the problem and most importantly, they are safe, free from side effects, non-toxic and are noninvasive. Homeocare International have treated many people suffering from Vitiligo with a high success rate and help individuals lead a happy and spot free life.

About Vitiligo (Leucoderma)  

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder where the skin tends to lose its natural color due to the destruction of melanocytes (pigment-producing cells). Melanocytes are the cells which produce the pigment melanin, which gives our skin its color and when these cells get destroyed, white colored patches develop in that particular area. These white patches may further spread to other parts of the body. Vitiligo also affects the scalp, hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. In a few cases, even the skin inside the mouth and nose also turn into white color. Despite the fact that it affects people of all skin types, it is more noticeable in people with dark skin.

Most importantly Vitiligo is said to have a genetic predisposition. It is not infectious and does not spread from touching an infected person. Even though vitiligo is not life-threatening disorder, it is a frustrating condition and affects individuals physically and psychologically. Hence controlling it is very important. Vitiligo further increases the chance of sunburn and also triggers the risk of skin cancers in people suffering from this condition.

Types of Vitiligo

  • Segmental vitiligo- In this type, only one side of the body gets affected and it often begins in young age, grows for a year or two and later stops spreading to other organs.
  • Non- segmental vitiligo- This type affects both sides of the body and this type is very common and seen in most of the people.

Causes of Vitiligo

The exact cause of Vitiligo is not known, but hereditary is said to play a crucial role in the development of vitiligo and it is also believed to be an auto immune disorder. Below are a few factors which are said to trigger the risk of vitiligo

  • Genetics
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Excess exposure to the sun
  • Vitamin Deficiency (B12 deficiency)
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Skin Cancers
  • Stress

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The major symptom associated with Vitiligo is the development of white patches on different areas of the body like face, lips, hands, arms, feet, mouth and nose. Unlike other skin disorders, vitiligo does not lead to symptoms like itching, dry skin and so on.

Tips that help with Vitiligo

  • Control your stress
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid worsening of vitiligo
  • Have a nutritious diet
  • Avoid skin injuries like burns, cuts, and wounds
  • Avoid harsh soaps and contact with chemicals


  • Is vitiligo dangerous?

Vitiligo isn’t a life-threatening condition but may trigger your risk of skin cancer in a few rare cases.

  • Can Homeopathy cure Vitiligo?

Homeopathy is said to be very effective in case of vitiligo. It does not just control its spreading but also lightens the patch color by enhancing natural melanocytes formation in long run.




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