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Children Disorders

Are you concerned about your kid’s physical and psychological health? Is your child being moody, aggressive or hyperactive or facing problems with growth and development? Here is a great news for all those parents out there worrying about their kid’s health i.e. Homeopathy. When it comes to controlling children’s physical, emotional and behavioral disorders, Homeopathy scores highest among many conventional treatments available and is also the most preferred holistic system of treatments. Homeocare International offers Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for the child’s physical and behavioral problems. This holistic treatment works effectively in treating a variety of illnesses a child is facing by strengthening the healing mechanism of the body and promotes emotional calmness by restoring balance.

Understanding your child’s physical and psychological state and symptoms is very essential to prescribe the most suitable homeopathic remedy. Expertise Homeopaths at Homeocare International understands your child’s health condition carefully and prescribes most suitable remedies. The major advantage of choosing Homeopathy over other available conventional treatments is that the homeopathic remedies are small sweet pills and kids love to take them.

childrens health

Common health disorders

As parents, taking care of their wards and understanding their overall health and development is very crucial. Children in their early years often fall prey to several physical and behavioural disorders. Noticing physical and behavioural disorders and controlling them in early stages is very essential, if left untreated these can further impair child’s overall development.

Below is the list of few health disorders commonly seen in children

  • Schizophrenia– It is a chronic disorder which affects the child’s mental ability to think and behave properly. Under this condition, children face symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, impaired speech and thinking and so on. Its causes include family history, chemical imbalance in the brain, increased immune system activation and so on.
  • Height/ Weight-Related Problems– Many children face height and weight-related issues and this currently is becoming a great concern. Several factors like malnutrition, genes, environmental factors and others contribute to this condition. Children with this disorder look overweight or underweight than their age group children.
  • Bed Wetting– Bed wetting is another common problem seen in many children and is mainly caused due to lack of ability to control the bladder. Factors like poor toilet habits, neurological and emotional problems may cause bed wetting.
  • ADHD– ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) is another common childhood disorder under which children face symptoms like lack of concentration, restlessness, difficulty sitting still, hyperactivity and so on. Factors like genetics, social and environmental factors can lead to ADHD in children.
  • Autism– This is a chronic neurobehavioral condition which includes impairments in language developments and social interactions. Under this, children isolate themselves from other children, do not show interest in interacting with others and so on.
  • Inferiority Complex– This is another major problem affecting the kids recently and under this child usually have low self-esteem, depression, blame themselves and so on.
  • Examination fear– This is an emotional response caused due to examination phobia. Children face anxiety during the time of examination which leads to poor performance in exams in spite of full preparation.
  • Down’s syndrome– This is a genetic condition where children are born with an extra chromosome. Due to this children face few developmental disabilities along with impulsive behaviour, slow learning and so on.

Few of the above-mentioned disorders can be easily diagnosed through physical examination, while few others may require CT scans, X-Rays, Hormonal tests and others. Homeopathy controls these disorders efficiently and the major advantage of Homeopathy for children disorders is that it is safe and side effects free.