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Sinus Causes and Effects in Rainy Season

Sinuses are the air filled cavities located in the face, in the bones surrounding the nose, cheeks and forehead. Sinuses or Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is a health condition where people face swelling of sinuses due to infection from Virus and Bacteria. When the sinuses gets infected sinus lining becomes inflamed and block the pathway that drain the sinuses. Due to infection mucus and pus are formed in sinuses and results in thick and yellowish nasal mucus, headache, facial pain, heaviness in the forehead and nose and plugged nose in many people with sinus. Sinuses or Sinusitis is classified into many types like acute Sinusitis Disorders, subacute Sinusitis, chronic Sinusitis and recurrent Sinusitis.

Why rainy season is dangerous for sinus?

Rainy season or monsoon increases the pain and symptoms of sinus in many people who are suffering from sinus. When the weather becomes cold due to rain the sinus pain also increases. As the storm passes the pain or symptoms of sinus also reduce. With cold weather and breeze outside our sinus lining also gets inflamed and blocks the air ways causing infection in sinuses. Cold and flu in rainy seasons also triggers sinus problems or Sinusitis. Viral and bacterial infections are common in rainy season and these infections also lead to sinus problems in many people. Infections are the worst triggers of Sinusitis. Most of the people in rainy season gets affected by Sinusitis Problems due to change in weather and cold air. It is very important to take extra care to avoid these triggers to eliminate Sinusitis. Acute Sinusitis which is caused due to cold or allergies can be resolved on its own when the storm passes. Whereas chronic Sinusitis caused due to allergies or infections need medical assistance and takes time to heal. In monsoon sinus symptoms like throbbing pain in the head, facial pain and sensitivity, pain near forehead, nose and cheeks, heaviness and plugged nose are more worst and sometimes the pain can be severe.


Sinus Effects

Rainy season has adverse affects on Sinusitis. Pain and symptoms of Sinusitis increase during monsoon and affects individual lifestyle, health and behaviour. Along with increased pain and discomfort Sinusitis also cause sore throat, headache, fever, blocked nose, ear pain, bad breath, dizziness, congestion and dental problems. Sinusitis if left untreated or not treated properly may lead to severe health complications. Sinus effects work productivity of individual with continuous headache, dizziness and discomfort.

Homeopathy for Sinus

Homeopathy treatment for Sinus or Sinusitis is very fruitful. Sinus treatment in homeopathy uses natural substances obtained from plants, vegetables and minerals. Homeopathy treatment for sinus targets not only on treating symptoms of sinus like headache, fever, blocked nose and heaviness but also intent to treat the root cause of the problem like allergies and infections. Sinus treatment in homeopathy improves immunity and body’s own healing process to deal with cold, flu, cool weather and seasonal changes. Homeopathy treatment for sinus completely treats sinus in long run. Sinus treatment in homeopathy is safe, effective and has no side effects, can be used for all age groups.

Homeocare International

Homeocare International is a leading health clinic with decades of experience in treating many diseases and infections. Homeocare International offers safe and effective treatment for Sinusitis and it’s in depth causes. Homeocare International uses genetic Constitutional Homeopathy method for treating various diseases and health conditions including Sinusitis.

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