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Thyroid Disease can be cured permanently at Homeocare International

In our human body, one of the most significant glands is Thyroid gland. It is present in the front of the neck and just below the Adam’s apple, in the form of butterfly-shaped. This thyroid gland produces triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormones, which releases into the blood stream and are transported throughout the body where they control other metabolisms as well as improve physical growth. The thyroid gland will be under the control of pituitary gland, a tiny gland at the base of the brain. When there are no enough thyroid hormones, pituitary gland recognizes the need and releases TSH thyroid stimulating hormone. With the help of TSH signal, the thyroid gland produces T3, T4 hormones and releases into the blood stream. During this, if the system of maintaining enough Thyroid hormones fails, then a problem may arise in the production of fewer or more thyroid hormones. These types of issues may lead to long-term diseases like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and goiter.


Hypothyroidism is a most common thyroid problem, which causes due to the production of less Thyroid hormones. This problem is seen mostly in children and women of any age.

Fatigue, muscle weakness, Skin dryness, less sweat, increase in body weight, Changes in menstrual patterns, hair loss, Forgetfulness, Constipation, Indigestion, affect in children’s growth and increase of forgetfulness especially in aged people are the symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

If the proportion of thyroid hormones is excess in the body, then it would lead to Hyperthyroidism. This problem may arise in people irrespective of their age. However, this is mostly seen in people between 20 to 40 years of age. If an individual delays in identifying this disease or ignores this, then the issues caused by Hypothyroidism are severe. Of all thyroid patients, Hypothyroidism is seen in 80% of patients and Hyperthyroidism is seen in remaining 20% of patients.

Weight loss even after proper intake of food, Heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), increased sweating, Heat intolerance; diarrhea, emotionally intense frustration, Light menstrual periods, Muscle weakness, and other issues are some of the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism.

The abnormal swelling of thyroid gland present in the neck leads to Goiter problem. Mainly, the disease is caused because of the production of insufficient iodine, and this disease might include both the issues of Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Though there is an adequate proportion of T3, T4 hormones in the body, there is still a possibility of Goiter disease.

Visible swelling in the front of your neck–A tight feeling in your throat, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, change in voice, and in some individual’s symptoms of both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism are seen.

Homeocare International Treatment
In today’s avant-garde era, there is no need to use medicines throughout the life for thyroid, which has caused due to more stress. Considering patients physical conditions and symptoms, and by using constitutional method thyroid hormones can be balanced as well as this disease can be cured permanently at Homeocare International.

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    Thank you for sharing information on Thyroid problems. How can i avoid thyroid problems with the help of homeopathy. suggest me to control my thyroid issues.

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