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Get Best Treatment for Psoriasis at Homeocare International

No sooner the winter onsets, individuals who are suffering from skin disease rush to meet the doctor for the treatment. Of all the skin diseases, the most complex one is Psoriasis. A number of skin disease patients believe Psoriasis as a common skin disease. But, most of the people are unaware that this disease may cause due to the disturbance in body’s immunity system. Thus, this disease can’t be cured completely using Coatings. Nearly 3% of world’s population is suffering from this disease. In some cases, Psoriasis may also lead to patient’s death. Suffering from Psoriasis from past several years may even leads to social disorders and mental chaos. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease. People generally feel itching and silver color scale over the skin. In the earlier stage of Psoriasis, due to the inflammation of skin, the silver color scale of skin gets sheds. Usually, during winter the symptoms of this disease are considerably more. This disease not only effects patient’s skin but also effects nails and knees. New cells will be formed regularly below the surface of the healthy skin and it takes nearly one month to reach out. But in case of people suffering from psoriasis, new skin cells move quickly to the surface of the skin in days instead of weeks. They build up as well as form thick patches called plaques. The patches may get peeled off and may affect the cells below the layer. With the decrease in immunity, skin cells gets effected and due to psoriasis the above general process gets failed and outer layer of skin gets worse and results in loss of skin scales.


It has been confirmed that people may undergo this disease due to genetic reasons or mental stress. This disease may also cause due to the immunity system imbalance and even due to usage of certain medicines for a longer period.

The following are the complications faced by an individual suffering from psoriasis:

  • Psoriasis arthritis
  • Mental stress
  • Minerals and vitamins deficiency

Psoriasis mainly affects the skin over the scalp, elbow, abdomen, knees, palm, and sole. The following are the other symptoms of psoriasis

  • Red patches of skin with silvery scales
  • From normal to severe Itching, burning or soreness
  • Severe pain due to dry, cracked skin, which may even bleed
  • Due to Psoriasis, in scalp, patients may also face hair loss apart from loss of skin scales.
  • The loss of skin scales from palm and sole leads to severe pain
  • If nails get affected by the psoriasis, they may become brittle and fall apart.
  • Individuals may also face severe pain in knees due to psoriasis

Preventive Measures
The following are the measures taken by a patient suffering from psoriasis:

  • Must drink more water
  • In-take protein food
  • Use moisturizers and coconut oil to overcome dry skin
  • In order to soften your skin, every day consume the powder of plant seeds, which contains omega 3 fatty acids. This may helps you in controlling psoriasis.
  • Daily exercise
  • Every day spending sometime in sun rays, helps you in attaining ultraviolent rays present in sun and prevents the loss of skin scales
  • Psoriasis disease may become severe in winter season and even due to mental stress, Smoking, and consumption of alcohol and regular use of some medicines.

Confirmation Tests
CBP, ESR, skin biopsy, X-ray and so on are some of the confirmation tests of Psoriasis. Generally, experienced doctors, after reviewing the patients skin symptoms thoroughly they confirm the disease.

Homeocare International Treatment

Many of the Psoriasis patients, in Intriguing changes doctors as well as medical treatment methods, within a short period of time. But, this is not a right way. Patients, who are undergoing Psoriasis Treatment, must choose one of the methods and must continue it for a long-term in order to get best results. In Homeocare International, using genetic constitutional method patient’s personal life and mental conditions are taken into consideration, so that distorted immunity power can be regained.

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