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For best Psoriasis Arthritis treatment approach Homeocare International

In this modern era, there exists no one who is unaware of Psoriasis disease. Psora means the itching caused on individuals skin. There is a probability that 15% of individuals who suffer from chronic Psoriasis diseases also suffer from joint paints. This sort of joint pains are known as psoriasis arthritis in medical terminology.

An abnormal immunity response of the body against the substances and tissues normally present in the body is called as autoimmune disease. Psoriasis is one of the skin diseases that belong to the autoimmune disease category. In some situations, when immunity system overreacts and attacks the skin cells then psoriasis disease may cause. In the same way when immune system attacks on joints then it is called as arthritis. In most of the cases, prior to suffering from Psoriasis arthritis, individuals undergo psoriasis disease.

Generally, there exist two types of layers on individual’s skin. The layer which appears on top of the body and which we can see and feel is called epidermis and lower layer of skin is called as dermis. Skin cells forms in dermis layer and later enters and settles on the epidermis layer. Usually, for every 28 to 30 days skin cells formed at dermis layer, later enters into epidermis layer. But, individuals suffering from psoriasis disease this skin cells formation process undergoes very swiftly. In this way, the excess skin cells get settled on skin as layers.


  • The reverse attack of immune system
  • Fault in epidermis layer

Triggers that leads to the severity of Psoriasis disease

  1. Mainly mental and physical stress
  2. Injury to the skin, such as a cut or scrape, bug bite, or severe sunburn
  3. This disease is also seen in individual’s who took Streptococcal injection for the first time
  4. Hereditary
  5. Change in climatic conditions
  6. Intake of few medicines for malaria
  7. Alcohol
  8. Smoking
  9. The severity of HIV disease
  10. The severity of Psoriasis disease is more in people with dry skin



Psoriasis Symptoms
This disease starts with small blistering. Initially, red patches of skin covered with silvery scales is seen, then the skin becomes thicker and get peeled and while itching skin get peeled in the form of white silver scales.

Symptoms of Psoriasis Arthritis
Psoriasis Arthritis is mostly seen in knee joints, elbow, ankles, Screw Zones and hands & leg joints. Due to infection, joints become stiff, and one can experience a severe pain & swelling. Usually, a few joints are inflamed while you touch. If psoriasis arthritis occurs in spine, then an individual undergo a severe pain in neck, upper back, low back, and buttocks. Psoriasis Arthritis, not only effects patients’ physical conditions but also mental conditions. In individuals suffering from Symmetric Psoriasis, the symptoms of Psoriasis Arthritis are alike on the either sides of the body.

Confirmation tests
Based on individuals symptoms and X-ray, MRI tests Psoriasis Arthritis diseases can be confirmed and by Rheumatoid factor, water can be removed from joints and it would be helpful to identify whether there exists any other sort of arthritis problem or not.

Homeocare International Treatment
If Psoriasis disease is identified in the initial stage, then it can be cured easily and swiftly without leading to Psoriasis arthritis disease. Though the consumption of coating medicines gives relief to psoriasis disease, it is only for temporary basis and the probability of this disease recurrence is very high in those individuals. The homeopathy specialists at Homeocare International uses advanced genetic constitution method to find the root cause of Psoriasis Arthritis, and boost ups the damaged immune system to cure this disease completely and permanently.

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