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Diwali Woes for Asthma Patients

As diwali a festival of lights is few days away, most of the people are preparing for the diwali celebration. But diwali is highly troublesome for people with asthma as it triggers asthma attack in asthmatics. The increase in pollution due to fireworks leads to asthma attack in asthmatics and the pollution can also develop asthma in non asthma people. Crackers also harm children and leads to chronic illnesses. The pollution from crackers act as trigger and lead to childhood bronchial asthma. It is proven that during diwali approximately 26% of the people without any family history of respiratory problems faces symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing due to the gaseous pollutants.

This could be due to the gases released from the crackers when they are burnt. Several harmful gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, manganese and many more are released into the air when we burn crackers, this is because the crackers contain potassium nitrate, carbon and sulphur. The sensitive airways in lungs get irritated due to the pollutants and worsen the health of people with breathing disorders. Many families also clean their house and go for paintings which also leads to difficulties in asthmatics.

Diwali woes for Asthma patients

People with asthma also face difficulties during the time of diwali, as it is also the time of weather changing from monsoon to winter and also due to increase in the allergens. People with asthma in order to avoid these health issues and stay fit needs to follow few health tips which help them to be healthy and happy.

Avoid contact with dust

In order to stay healthy it is very important to avoid dust and smoke. Many people go for house cleaning during the festival, try and stay away from cleaning process if not use masks, vacuum cleaners and others to avoid dust.

Plan for vacations

Go for vacations during the festival time to avoid dust and pollution. Choose a place with less pollution and dust levels. If this do not work out, on the day of diwali at the peak timings close all the doors and windows to avoid little pollution.

Take healthy diet

Have nutritious diet, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as it plays a crucial role in managing asthma. Intake of oily foods, sweet, high fat foods can actually trigger the symptoms of asthma.

Children needs extra care

According to the studies, many children are developing bronchitis and other breathing disorders along with pediatric asthma now days. To control the situation, as a parent it is our duty to explain children and educate them about the side effects like health hazards and increase in pollution due to crackers and keeping them safe and healthy. Children with asthma need extra care and attention during these days to avoid severe health complications.

Limit your consumption of alcohol and smoking

Limit your intake of alcohol and smoking as it further triggers asthma and increase the risk of developing perennial allergic rhinitis.

Homeopathy for asthma during diwali

Homeopathy treatment works effectively in controlling asthma. Homeopathy along with treatment for asthma also provides health tips like staying indoors, steam inhalation and so on, which helps in reducing the risk of asthma attack. Homeopathy treatment for asthma is safe and free from side effects.