I’m Ravinder Kumar, my wife name is Pavani. we are from kamareddy (Nizamabad dist). We are married for more than 10 yrs but childless. We used all types of therapies but nothing was fruitful, we lost all the hope when one of my friend suggested Homeocare International. I visited the clinic with my wife and started the treatment. My wife conceived after 4 months of treatment. My baby is healthy and birth weight is 2.75 kg. I’m a happy father and we are now a happy family. I strongly recommend all the couples with infertility problems to visit Homeocare International.

- Ravindra Kumar


Homeocare Gouty Arthritis Treatment Review

Gouty Arthritis

Thanks to Homeocare International! With the help of constitutional treatment gouty arthritis problem has resolved from its root cause.
Ashok Reddy, ID: JBHAG35 Read more

Renal Calculi Treatment Review

Renal Calculi

I was suffering from kidney stones. With the help of constitutional treatment at Homeocare International, it has recovered.
K.N. Srinivas, ID: MBTAC14 Read more

Diabetes Treatment Rating in Homeocare International


I am very glad to Homeocare International specialists. Previously, I got treatment at Homeocare International now I am fine.
Premavathi.N, ID: TMBAB29 Read more

Thyroid Treatment Review at Homeocare

Thyroid Disorders

My special thanks to Homeocare International for balancing thyroid hormones levels. I will definitely suggest Homeocare International.
S.Balachandar, ID: TMBAA84 Read more

Homeocare International Treatment Testimonials


I would surely recommend Homeocare International to others, Thank you Homeocare International for curing Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Lakshmi, ID: AKLA50 Read more

Homeocare International Treatment Review's


Thank You Homeocare International for providing me the homeopathy treatment for Backache, skin allergy and PCOD.
K. Amuthavali, ID: CITBR21 Read more

Homeocare International Treatment Feedback


Heaps of Thanks to Homeocare International Doctors and staff for helping me out in combating PCOD disease.
J.Gouri, ID: CZ46 Read more

Homeopathy success rate for Back Problem

Back Problem

I thank Homeocare International doctors for treating & curing my back ache. I suggest HCI to my friends & family members.
Narasimha Rao, ID: EDV-13 Read more

Homeocare International Success Rate

Renal Calculi

I am very grateful to the Doctors for treating me & curing my kidney stone problem without any side-effects.

Arthritis Treatment at Homeocare

Arthritis Treatment

Thank you Homeocare International for making me perfectly alright & curing my joint pains problems. I am very happy now.
Jayasundari, ID: AMKAA59 Read more

Homeocare International Patient Reviews

Back Pain

Thanks Homeocare International for providing the treatment for my back problems. Now, I am perfectly alright.
Prashanth Reddy, ID: DSN-AE 47 Read more

Homeocare Treatment Reviews


Thank You Homeocare International! I got impressed by an advertisement & approached them for Psoriasis treatment, they did a great job.

Homeopathy Thyroid Treatment Success Rate

Thyroid Disorders

My Thyroid problem is controlled and also improved the immunity power, Thank you Homeocare.
GOMATHI, ID: AKBM92 Read more

Homeocare International Patients Testimonials


Thanks to Homeocare International for treating me, now I am controlled and feeling grateful.
Bhavani Swapna, ID: TMBAI-61 Read more

Spondylosis Treatment at Homeocare International


I felt very happy when I was controlled from spondylosis. My grateful thanks to the doctors of Homeocare International for curing my spondylosis disease.
M.V. Subbarayudu, ID: DSN-BD64 Read more

Thyroid Treatment at Homeocare International

Thyroid Disorders

Homeocare International provides the treatment, I suggest it to everyone, who suffer from Thyroid problem or other chronic diseases.
k.Anudeep, ID: VWDG46 Read more

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