Homeopathy treatment for diabetes

Rapid changes in the eating habits, increased availability of high calorie food, sedentary life style, increased consumption of fast foods are considered to be the main reasons for raise in incidence of Diabetes. India is becoming the diabetic capital of the world, consumption of high carbohydrates and staple food being wheat or rice is predisposing Indians to diabetes. Rapid changes in life style, urbanization and decreased physical activity with increased mental activity is also triggering Diabetes. Controlling diabetes is very important as untreated or uncontrolled diabetes can lead to complications which are lethal or will effect your quality of life.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder leading to elevated blood glucose levels. In diabetes the Glucose metabolism fails, which is due to insufficient production of Insulin Hormone or due to decreased response of body cells to utilize insulin called as insulin resistance. Insulin is a Hormone secreted by beta cells in the Pancreas gland, insulin plays a major role in glucose metabolism and helps in maintenance of blood sugar levels by allowing the utilization of glucose by the cells.

The symptoms of Diabetes are :

  1. Frequent urination( polyuria)
  2. Increased thirst (polydipsia)
  3. increased hunger (polyphagia)
  4. weight loss

What are the types of Diabetes ?

The types of diabetes are :

  1. Type 1 Diabetes is a case in which the Pancreas is unable to produce insulin, resulting in dependency on Exogenous Insulin. It typically is seen children and young adults.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes is a case in which the cells in the body fail to react or use insulin referred to as “Insulin resistance”. It usually develops after 40 years.
  3. Gestational Diabetes is a term used when a pregnant women have high blood glucose levels and generally will subside after delivery.

What are the causes of Diabetes ?

Diabetes is a multifactorial disease and can be triggered by various factors in a predisposed individual.
Predisposing Factors:

  1. Genetic Susceptibility
  2. Obesity
  3. Physical Inactivity
  4. Insulin Resistance
  5. Age above 45 years
  6. Family History

Triggering Factors :

  1. Autoimmune Destruction of Beta Cells in the pancreas – generally Leads to Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Viral or bacterial infection
  3. Medication and Chemical toxins

Type 2 diabetes is becoming common and people who are obese and over weight are more prone to type 2 diabetes. Cardiologist consider having Diabetes equals having an history of heart disease, as Diabetics are more prone to cardiovascular Diseases.
Is Diabetes really Dangerous? What are the Complications of Diabetes mellitus ?
Yes and No, If diabetes is under control and Regular medication along with good exercise and proper diet complications of diabetes can be avoided and will not be lethal. If blood sugar levels are not under control and remain elevated for a long time them diabetes effects almost all the organs of the body leading to dangerous complications such as:

  1. Diabetic nephropathy
  2. Diabetic neuropathy
  3. Diabetic retinopathy
  4. Diabetic ketoacidosis
  5. Diabetic foot
  6. Coronary artery disease

How are the do’s and don’ts for diabetes ?

Always be consistent in your efforts and dietary practices to keep your sugar levels under control. Keeping sugar levels in optimal control is very important to avoid many long term complications and to live a good quality of life for a long time.

  1. Do Moderate physical activity for atleast 30 min a day.
  2. Do consume food rich in fibers such as whole grains, fresh vegetables.
  3. Do test your blood sugar levels tested regularly and follow doctors advice.
  4. Do take your medication regularly according to doctors advice and never skip medication.
  5. Avoid foods high in carbohydrates, replace those food with high quality carbohydrates with fiber.
  6. Avoid junk foods, processed foods and sweets, carbonated drinks.
  7. Avoid high calorie food, don’t consume large quantities of food in a single meal.
  8. Avoid smoking and don’t consume alcohol.

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes:

Homeocare International with the aim to help people suffering from diabetes has launched a specialized, unique “Hormone cell”. Vast experience of treating thousands of patients with diabetes combined with Constitutional homeopathy treatment method is the foundation for Hormone Cell. Patient feed back after homeopathy treatment at Homeocare suggest that majority of the patients experienced considerable improvement in their Quality of life. Homeopathy medicines not only helps in controlling the blood sugar levels but also slowly corrects the root cause and helps preventing or prolonging the complications of Diabetes. Prevention is better than cure, so we at Homeocare aim to prevent or minimize all the complications associated with Diabetes. Studies suggest that Homeopathy can cure stress induced Diabetes. So it is highly recommended for every diabetic Patient to Keep there Blood sugar level under control and to try Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes and to enjoy the long term benefits of Homeopathy Treatment.

The information above provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace your Doctor’s or Expert’s opinion/advice.