What is immunity power?

Immune power is a natural defense system that provides resistance to our body and helps in fighting the diseases and infections. Immunity power acts as a shield and soldier, it protects and keeps away the diseases and illnesses from attacking our body. It is a state of having balanced multicellular organisms in body to protect against several diseases and infections. Immunity power is very important for each and every individual to stay healthy and fit. It not only protects our body from common cold and flu but also from serious health issues like Asthma Disorders, allergies and some cancers. Immune power attacks foreign invaders attacking and causing harm to our health by using body fluids. Our body is blessed with a great immunity system which is designed to keep us healthy and fit away from health issues. Our immune system protects our body continuously from foreign substances or allergens like viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus.
There are two types of immunity power like active immunity power and passive immunity power.

  • Active immunity power- it is a state where our body’s own cells produce antibodies to fight against the foreign substances and to protect our body.
  • Passive immunity power- when our body fails to develop antibodies, ready made antibodies is injected into our body to protect against these invaders.

How it will help us?

People who often get affected with cold, flu and other problems are said to have low immunity power when compared to others. Our immune system helps us by producing antibodies when infected with foreign substances. Our immunity power acts as a network of cells, organs and tissues to fight against foreign substances. Our immune system recognizes several antigens and produce antibodies to destroy them in order to protect our body. Our immune system sometimes affects its own body cells mistakenly. It also affects other substances thinking they might harm our body and leads to Allergies.

We can improve our immunity power by healthy life style, diet and physical exercises. Including fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, eggs and fish help in immunity improvement. Regular physical exercises also help to improve our body’s immunity power. Including meat and nuts in diet also helps to improve immunity. Improving immunity is very important to stay healthy and happy. In seasons like winter and monsoon immunity power plays crucial role in keeping us fit.

Constitutional Homeopathy improves Immune System

Constitutional Homeopathy Improves Immunity Power

Constitutional homeopathy is a natural and holistic way of treating a person. Constitutional homeopathy improves immunity power slowly and treats an individual as whole. Constitutional homeopathy treatment is prescribed by a professional homeopath based on the symptoms, present and past health history of the individuals. Constitutional homeopathy treats long term health illnesses effectively by eliminating the root cause of the problem. In constitutional homeopathy treatment a single remedy is prescribed and waited for few weeks for the results and based on the results the same remedy is prescribed or changed. Constitutional homeopathy protects our body by improving immunity power and self-healing process of the body.