Experiencing persistent shooting pain in your lower back which further runs down to your leg through buttock? Did you ever feel that your leg is going numb after sitting on a chair or toilet seat for a while? All these symptoms could be an indication of Sciatica pain. Most of the people misunderstand sciatica as back pain or lower back pain, but they have lots of difference. This condition of sciatica nerve pain is mainly triggered due to factors like Obesity, aging, slipped disc, injuries and so on. Treating sciatica nerve pain is very crucial and if not treated on time this could damage your sciatica nerve in long run and can even lead to several complications. Homeocare International has the best treatment for sciatica pain. Homeopathy offers holistic and natural sciatica nerve treatment.

What exactly is this Sciatica?

Sciatica is actually a nerve pain caused due to irritation or compression of the sciatica nerve. This sciatica nerve is the largest nerve that branches from the lower back down to each leg through hips and buttock. This sciatica nerve pain can be raised due to some underlying health conditions including lumbar herniated disc, degenerate disc problems, spinal stenosis and others. When this nerve gets pinched, people typically experience severe low back pain which may further radiate down to your leg through buttocks. Though the sciatica pain looks severe, in few cases it resolves on its own and among few others it needs diagnosis.

What causes Sciatica?

Any health condition that can irritate and lead to inflammation of sciatica nerve can cause sciatica pain. Here are few common health conditions that can cause sciatica

  • Lumbar herniated disc
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Degenerate disc disease
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Growth of tumors within the spine
  • Pelvic fractures or injuries
  • Muscle spasm

Along with the above, few other factors also triggers and worsens sciatica nerve pain like being obese, conceived women, lack of exercise or physical activity, wearing high heels and sleeping on hard or uneven mattress.

Symptoms of Sciatica

Severe pain anywhere along the sciatica nerve is the major symptom of Sciatica, few other symptoms commonly seen include

  • Persistent pain mostly on one side of the leg or lower back
  • Burning and tingling sensation in the lower part of the leg and foot
  • Difficulty moving the leg and experiencing numbness
  • Hip pain

The pain worsens with certain tasks like sitting for longer hours, sneezing, moving, standing, bending and others.

How Homeopathy works for Sciatica

Homeopathy has some great remedies for sciatica. As sciatica is mainly triggered due to underlying health conditions like herniated disc, spinal stenosis and others, homeopathy mainly focuses on addressing these underlying root causes. The natural remedies used in sciatica pain treatment are prescribed after careful intervention of individuals and these remedies are safe and free from side effects. Homeocare International treats sciatica using constitutional homeopathy treatment and also reduces the risk of invasive interventions. Along with homeopathy treatment, our professional homeopaths also provide few exercises and tips for quick sciatica pain relief.