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What role does Homeopathy play in boosting the immune system?

The immune system and its importance to fight diseases

Why you need to boost up your immunity and resistance power. And why it's so important for your body.First, let's understand what is the immune system? The immune system is an important structure of the body which protects the body from foreign invaders and help in recovering from a disease. So keeping a healthy and strong immune system makes your life disease-free.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy food and some exercise is essential for a healthy and immune body. Besides this, a healthy body also needs a healthy mind and soul. Stress, lack of sleeping, suddenly climate change affect your immune system. So boosting and strengthening the immune must be continued for a lifetime. You can boost your immune system through a well-planned strategy and prevent yourself from many diseases.

Improve Your Immune System with Homeopathy

Homeopathy improves your immunity effectively. Homeopathy works on your body's natural immunity levels, and strengthens your immune system to fight against foreign invaders pathogens that make you sick.

In homeopathy, all factors are taken that can be related to a person's health and low immunity. The lowered immune system may be associated with underlying conditions, including recurrent cold and cough, ear infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, skin conditions, hair disorders, allergies, among others. If you use homeopathy, then it can reduce the frequencies of these diseases gradually.

Emotional and psychological health is also considered in homeopathy with high priority, as the stress, trauma, and anxiety can affect your immune power and lower your ability to fight against various infections and disease. Homeopathy’s holistic approach contributes to the general strengthening of the patient’s state of health, in particular by taking into account the need to strengthen their natural defence system of the body. It works well to tackle the weakened immune system problem and boosts your immune system and helps your body keep away from infections.



How to improve your Immune System

Brings some little changes in your lifestyle and boost your immune system. That will protect you from various infections.
1. Follow a healthy diet
2. Avoid stress
3. Take a sound sleep
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Exercise regularly
6. Do not smoke
7. Keep symptoms of chronic conditions under control

Your immunity is your body defence against the harmful organism and substances that cause sickness. People with strong immunity have less chance of infections whereas those have weaker immunity fall sick very often. 

Homoeopathy is an old and effective healthcare system to boost up your immunity. It is a safe, natural and inexpensive remedy. Homoeopathy works on a principle" Like cures Like", that means the illness is matched with the remedy causing the illness. Furthermore, homoeopathy believes that if any symptom is suppressed, then the disease will move to the deeper and more chronic condition. Therefore it cures a person as a whole.

Homeopathy Remedies to Boost Immunity

There are three common remedies in homoeopathy to boost up immunity.
1. Echinacea- helps to build immunity.
2. Nux vomica- To build gut immunity treated with a lot of antibiotics.
3. Silica - For poor digestion.

Homoeopathy is a well-recognised system of medicine in India and has sufficient reason to use in any disease. This ancient system of medicine has an excellent track record in treatments of epidemics and pandemics. Also, there is no side-effect of the medicine. This natural remedy is very effective and efficient to treat viral infections like the common cold, flu, dengue, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox and so on.

Homeopathic Medicine to Boost Immunity

Recently one action research was carried out by Ayush Mantralaya for the coronavirus epidemic in the quarantine centres in which 2625 patients were given homeopathic medicine Ars Alb 30. This research action was experimented on those who were in quarantine centres, which means people who had contact with positive patients but who were completing 14 days period in quarantine centres were selected and there were in all 2625 people there who gave consent and willingness on opting Homeopathic treatment to boost up immunity during quarantine period. It was seen that after being in quarantine and after taking homeopathy medicine there test results were not positive. But only 12 people out of 2625 people were tested positive because these 12 people were able to take the medicine only for 3 days while the actual prescription is for 7 days. Around 76.72 lakhs doses of homeopathic medicine ars alb and camphor were distributed to boost up immunity.

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