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Weight Loss and Thyroid Disorders

Many people from childhood or in starting stages of adulthood or conceived women fight against their heavy weight. Few people notice a pattern of weight gain, say they can’t control it and blame their thyroid gland for their heavy weight. Now think exactly opposite of this condition i.e. the agony of people who face sudden weight loss even after eating normally. They are raged by their friends and other colleagues as skinny for being slim.

We should know that our thyroid gland problems not just causes weight gain but can also lead to weight loss. Individuals put on some extra kg to their existing weight because of hypothyroidism and also lose weight constantly due to hyperthyroidism. Individuals tend to lose weight when their body burns extra calories to produce heat. Exact condition is faced by Natasha; she was getting diagnosed for overactive thyroid gland and dint notice that she lost her weight until one of her commented on it. She was always trying to lose weight but dint notice how much she lost.

Homeopathy Controls Thyroid Disorders

She was constantly ignoring her thyroid symptoms like sweating, shaking hands, feeling tired & week, she consulted her doctor and came to know that she was having hyperactive thyroid. Before opting for thyroid treatment she was feeling tired, weak and resigned to her job and also went through depression. Those days were like a nightmare for her.

At the same time one of her ex-colleagues suggested her about homeopathy thyroid treatment, she initially thought of to give it a try for her thyroid problem. After taking the treatment now she realises that it was the perfect decision.

Normally hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used in conventional treatment to treat thyroid problems. 1% of people opting for conventional treatment have complained of facing side effects. Few minor side effects of conventional treatment include symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, sleep disorders, heat intolerance, weight loss and excess sweating. Severe side effects of conventional treatment include dizziness, confusion, abnormal heart beat, fainting, weakness, mood swings, tired feeling, chest pain, anxiety, breathing disorders, shoulder pain and so on which should be treated immediately.

Whereas homeopathy treatment for thyroid problem work by stimulating immune system and helps to produce thyroid hormones naturally. Homeopathy treatment also improves functioning of thyroid gland. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects, they stimulate immunity and body’s self healing process and encourage body to reactivate hormone secretion.

Homeopathy efficiently treats problems like hormonal imbalance and thyroid disorders caused due to stress. Homeopathy not only treats physically but also treats mentally. Homeopathy not just focuses on treating a particular problem but treats an individual as whole i.e. physically and mentally.

Besides all these advantages, homeopathy remedies can also be taken with other conventional treatments under the supervision of professional homeopath. The conventional remedies can be avoided when the thyroid problems are controlled, individuals can use homeopathy remedies to avoid reoccurring of the problem.

Tips to control Thyroid disorders

By following few tips, people can control thyroid complications and can control it.

  • Individuals can regularise thyroid functioning with regular physical activities and fibre rich diet.
  • Undergoing regular health check up’s and paying attention to the symptoms.
  • Protein supplements should be taken under the supervision of professionals.
  • People with thyroid should avoid dairy and caffeine products.
  • Drinking plenty of water to prevent dry skin and hair.
  • Include fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, beans and so on which are very beneficial for hair and also to avoid nutritional deficiency.